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  • Czech Tourism Board representation

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Prague astronomical clockTravel Media Applications acted as the official representative of the Tourism Board of the Czech Republic from summer 2009 till the end of 2011.

Within the framework of services that T.M.A. provided as the official representative in Greece, our targets were:

•    The upgrade of Czech Republic as a tourism destination for Greek travellers
•    The increase of tourism flow from Greece to Czech Republic
•    The promotion of new tourism destinations and products in Czech Republic

For the achievement of above mentioned targets,  TMA implemented a marketing and communication plan in close cooperation with the central office of the Czech Tourism Board, the Embassy of Czech Republic in Greece and the CSA airline.

Among our actions were indicatively:

•    Development of relations with Greek tour operator specialized in this destination and their support
•    Development of a larger network of travel agents selling the destination
•    Promotional events for travelers
•    Media relations with tourism and travel reporters
•    Fam trips organizing  for journalists and travel agents