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Diana Hotels website home page


We are always proud to present our projects. In this case, however, we will let someone else do that for us.

Phil Butler, a good friend of us, from Argophilia Travel News, specialised in Eastern Europe travel news, happened to see this website, when we announced its launch and wrote a very warm article about it! Here, are some extracts:


Diana Group Unveils Travel’s Friendliest Website

Online Branding the Right Way – Reflecting Beauty

Anyone who knows an inkling about the Internet can tell you a company’s website must quickly and aesthetically reflect the essence of the underlying business. If you think about it, this is really only logical. It’s all about truth when you get down to it. And so, a family hotel chain’s website should reveal what? The people that make up the family, and of course the places those people have infused with their passion – in this case superb hotel accommodations in paradise.


The Diana Group’s new website is crisp and elegant without being overly gimmicky, in short the new site is an economical – almost minimalist affair from the design aspect. Easy navigation, wonderful use of images, and most significantly an introduction to the people who run these hotels – this is what a website should be about. Is it perfect? No website it. But, it does show any visitor a window into these places to stay at one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.


I have to note though, for what I would term a small hotel chain, Diana’s people have created a very social and savvy network connected to their new site – Facebook, Twitter, even a YouTube channel as evidenced below – the Margari’s engage better than some mega PR firms honestly.


What’s more, the Margari’s had the site developers infuse a bit of intuitiveness into the new portal. I particularly like the tool dedicated to revealing what goes on around the area, I Feel Like (illustrated briefly below) offers quests vital info about the goings on – from dance clubs to scenic attractions – personal service does include digital tour info these days.


The Ultimate Social Quantity – Reciprocity


When all is said and done, no review can adequately reflect what you the reader, site visitor, and ultimately hotel guest experiences. My job, as always, is to reflect what you will probably feel. I will tell you this, it helps a lot when reciprocity is so easily forthcoming – kindness so genuine and almost instantaneous. As I was zooming past the Travel Daily News Facebook postings, I just “liked” this new Diana Group look, made a comment – no strings – just a notice.

Almost immediately Katerina Margari, the owner of these wonderful hotels, came to thank me personally, adding at Facebook and etc. I did not do anything, please understand. These are just very nice people.


Well, Phil may be exaggerating (out of his usual enthusiasm) but you may judge by yourselves!

Just have a look at the website: