Integrated emarketing solutions for the travel industry

  • Our philosophy

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philosophyThe shape of pyramid we use shows clearly our company’s philosophy.

The customer is on the top, since everything starts from him and everything is made for him. This may sound as another “cliché” expression – in our case, however, its’ true, since we cannot do otherwise…!

In our home page’s motto, we define that Travel Media Applications is a company that specializes in providing integrated marketing, communication and sales services, exclusively for the tourism sector, using the latest technology achievements and web know-how as tools at the service of tourism entrepreneurs.

The words in bold are the keys in our approach.

Integrated services – we give the whole picture to our customers. Nowadays, you cannot deal with the digital world with yesterday’s practices – you need to have the big picture, you need to know the future trends. Things run so fast that it’s difficult for any professional to keep up with all these developments. It’s therefore one of our jobs to inform the customer of the upcoming developments.

The long term e-strategy is becoming more and more significant, considering the rapid and vast changes, taking place. So we hear your thoughts and plan together your strategy. You will find us in many seminars and forums (sorry Cicero, the right form is fora but it doesn’t suit us!) in our constant attempt to trace the future!

We specialise exclusively in tourism sector – you simply cannot be good in something, unless you specialise in that. For all our (company) life, tourism has been the only sector we serve!

We use the latest technology because we love it – we ‘ve been around for more than 10 years and we ‘ve got a good know-how for the benefit of our customers.

So, we are exactly the guys that work on mass production! We know that our success is measured by the success of our customers. We want the best for us, so we give the best each time to our customer.

We treat each customer the way to be treated – a unique customer each time.