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Social Media Marketing: you cannot afford not to be social!

“According to travel market research firm PhocusWright, social networking is one of the most powerful forces driving travel planning today. The firm found that social media use among travellers is growing far faster than the travel industry itself. Unique monthly visitors to social travel sites jumped 34% between the first half of 2008 and the last half of 2009.”

Social Media Marketing is a must! Well, that’s a fact. Big players now devote a lot of resources in this field. They cannot afford not to do so. They can also afford to do so.

But what about small and medium companies that do not have the necessary resources and/or the know how, to implement the best practices in this field? Well, that’s where we come in.Social Media Marketing is an extraordinary form of online promotion that, if used wisely, can help any company establish an interactive communication with customers and potential customers that was never achievable in the past.
On top of that, the funding of this project requires only a small fragment of the amounts needed, till now, for the establishment of quality relationships with our customers and target audiences.

Travel Media Applications, has more than 10 years experience in online services (online promotion & advertising, web design, web marketing, search engine optimization) and has developed Social Media strategies based on the following parameters:
•    Target segments of your target groups and tracing of the social networks in which these groups participate.
•    Your targets (i.e. web traffic increase, turning lookers into bookers, brand loyalty etc)
•    Choices of appropriate technologies that will allow materialization of your goals.
Our basic strategy consists in creating the most appropriate (for your case) communication channels that will allow direct communication and engagement with target groups, such as:
•    Corporate Blog creation
•    Creation of accounts, pages, groups in the Social Networks, article sites, student communities, music networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Last FM, etc) that fit into your planning.
•    Integration of cooperative tools (Wikis, RSS Feed, κλπ) and designing of forum where users will have interactivity with your organization/brand  (ideas exchange communities).
•    Online Videos for YouTube and similar plattforms.
•    Presentation Posting (, Βlogger, WordPress, Facebook).
•    Social Media Advertising with display advertising or text ads in social networks applications.

Social Internet is here, now.  Travel Media Applications can assist you on implementing the right strategies for growth in this new environment.