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designWhat differentiates Travel Media Applications from other companies that design websites, is that we don’t do just this. There are hundreds of companies out there, that do this job, well or not.

What differentiates us, is the fact that we have an overall picture of what Internet means for travel business and how it works better for them.

What differentiates us is not just our experience but the fact that this experience derives from our exclusive commitment to the travel sector. None of our projects has ever been outside travel and tourism sectors, since 1999 when we started!

So, when someone contacts us for a website, we don’t just design a website. No matter a small travel agency or a big tour operator or a 25 rooms hotel or a big chain of hotels, we:


•    We hear your thoughts first
•    We record your needs
•    We study your procedures
•    We check your competition
•    We plan your e strategy together


•    Your website as a tool for sales and communication
•    Considering primarily the easy use and access of the users to all your website’s information
•    Following the “rules” of internet communication
•    Complying to W3C, WAI standards as well as the UNWTO guidelines
•    Coordinating with compatibility standards for all modern  browsers
•    Designing a search engine friendly website
•    Modifying our CMS for your website only
•    Providing a wide array of eSales systems
•    Connecting the booking engine(s) of your choice
•    Adding Travel 2.0 applications and tools


•    We design your advertising campaign
•    We optimize your search engine ranking results
•    We provide direct marketing application

So we don’t design websites – we design our customer’s Internet presence from A to Z.

We see each customer as a journey – we are together in this until he is ready to go the rest of the way on his own.

The first phase (planning) is the most important one. The analysis of your company’s needs and targets will define our final goals.

In second phase we decide together the form, functions and “look and feel” and carry on the design and optimization.

In third phase (last but not least) is the promotion phase that may include the following:

Search Engine Marketing
•    Text advertising
•    Display advertising
•    Links campaigns  

•    Direct Marketing
•    Affiliate Marketing
•    Online Public Relations
•    Blogging
•    Social Media Marketing
•    Mobile Marketing

Always combined, with use of web analytics tools, for the measurement of R.O.I.

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